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A joint venture law firm promoted by Anand Ahuja Associates, New York, USA and Ram Kishan Associates, Indore, India

Phones- Off (USA)- 718-850-1952, 718-668-1258, 212-859-3538
  Phones- Off (India)-91-930-2103689, 91-731-3090201, 91-731-5049358

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Tuesday 22nd November 2005 (last modified)

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US Indo Legal, Joint Venture Law Firm, Global Enterprise

Antidumping, Immigration, legal matters relating to Exports, Imports, BPO, offshore BPO, Measure of Damages, DRT Solutions etc.


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US Indo Legal Services is a joint venture law firm promoted by M/s Anand Ahuja Associates, New York, USA and M/s Ram Kishan Associates, Indore, India, both law firms of Attorneys at Law. Its focus areas are legal matters relating to antidumping, immigration, imports, exports, technology transfer, joint ventures, legal and offshore BPO i.e.  Business Process Outsourcing, BPO services in insurance, finance, banking, transcription, writing synopsis of judgments and head notes etc., measure of damages, drts, debt recovery tribunals, legal problems of borrowers and guarantors, law of torts, injury claims, counterclaims,  negotiations, settlements etc. Their attorney associates are prominent advocates, lawyers, retired judges, chartered accountants, industrial and business consultants, consultants for Business Process Outsourcing i.e. BPO, legal BPO, offshore BPO. Emphasis is on thorough groundwork with excellent after sales service to the clients. This web site is compatible with aol, icq, msn, yahoo, indiatimes messengers. Visitors are requested to submit their views or queries on the form given in the Feedback page of this site. In a very short time, this site has attained top ranks in the search results of Yahoo, MSN, Google etc. in the categories of us indo, us indo legal, us indo legal services, legal BPO, Anand Ahuja, Ram Kishan etc.


Our US Wing - Anand Ahuja Associates, New York, USA
Our US partner is a prominent law firm of New York
primarily focusing on antidumping, immigration to the USA, business and commercial law, general corporate law, internet and computer law, licensing agreements, franchising and joint ventures law, media and entertainment law, trademark law and copy rights, international business transactions, banking and finance [domestic and international], domestic relations, real property, torts and injury claims, wills & trusts, medical malpractice, and employment law, etc. The firm also serves its clients’ needs in the areas of international trade law and policy, government affairs, government contracts and procurement law, administrative and regulatory matters, privatization and investment promotion, legal cases relating to International Law, technology transfer, imports, exports, BPO, legal BPO, offshore BPO etc

Mr. Anand Ahuja who is heading this firm is an International authority in some of these legal subjects. He is actively involved in several global organizations. He has been guest lecturer in different countries on various legal topics. For further details of M/s Anand Ahuja Associates, please click below :-

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Our Indian Wing - Ram Kishan Associates, Indore, India
Our Indian partner is a leading law firm having unique specialization and expertise in DRT matters i.e. Debt Recovery Tribunal and BPO, legal BPO, offshore BPO i.e. Business Process Outsourcing in Law, insurance, finance, banking, transcription etc. For the first time in India, this law firm has pioneered the application of Law of Torts in preparation of legal defence for the borrowers and guarantors by way of counterclaims. This law firm is having its own web site It is one of the excellent legal web sites. This web site is accorded top ranks by most of the search engines like yahoo, google, msn, altavista in various categories of drt, debt recovery tribunal, securitisation act, various phrases with prefix as DRT, 138 NI Act, Anand Ahuja, Ram Kishan, BPO, legal BPO and offshore BPO. 
This law firm requires only copies of the documents including project reports, appraisal reports, balance sheets, correspondence, legal documents, legal proceedings, etc. On basis of these documents, the entire pleadings including damage claims are prepared. This firm has experienced lawyers, chartered accountant and engineers to prepare injury and damage claims of industrial companies. These persons operate through intranet from their residences handling cases from all over the country. This firm is fully equipped with all capabilities for BPO, legal BPO and offshore BPO work i.e. Business Process Outsourcing in Law like preparation of judgment synopsis and head note writing, insurance, banking, finance, transcription etc, Such jobs can be undertaken immediately. You may achieve tremendous savings by outsourcing to us.
Mr. Ram Kishan who is heading this firm is an authority on Injury and Damage Claims based on the Law of Torts. He is highly experienced in legal matters relating to Industries, Banks, Financial Institutions and Companies. He is well versed in application of modern IT technology particularly for BPO, legal BPO and offshore BPO . For further details of M/s Ram Kishan Associates, please click below:-

Our Mission

(1) Both the firms desire to widen the horizon of their present area of operations using joint efforts for value added assignment from the corporate sectors in US and India.
(2) As a focused common activity, they desire to secure and organize BPO, legal BPO. offshore BPO work i.e. Business Process Outsourcing in Law, insurance, banking, finance, transcription etc. to India which is the only country in the world for such work. Other emerging centers like Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Phillipines etc. can not compete with India
(3) The focused areas in BPO, legal BPO and in offshore BPO are preparation of judgment synopsis and head note writing, insurance, finance, banking, transcription etc. from USA and UK. In this respect, India has distinct advantages to the service delivery centers located on the domestic soil particularly in USA.  The execution of of the said BPO, legal BPO and offshore BPO work may be located at Indore, India which has a world class IT infrastructure and is cheapest among all such IT and BPO centers in India. The globally famous IT company webdunia is located at Indore. This firm is doing lot of work for Microsoft and is accredited with first world portal in a distinct sphere.


Your Feed Back, Queries or Suggestions

We shall be thankful to you if you submit your views, queries or Suggestions on the form in the Feedback page of this site which can be approached by clicking the Feedback button given top of all the pages or clicking the button below:-


Contact Information


          Off (USA)- 718-850-1952, 718-668-1258, 212-859-3538 
          Off (India)- 91-930-2103689, 91-731-3090201, 91-731-5049358
          Off (USA) - 718-850-1535
          Off (India) - 91-731-5049358

Postal address
Off (USA) - (a) 67, Wall Street, Suite 2211, New York, NY-10005, (b) 101-70, Lefferts Blvd.
                     Richmond Hill, NY-11419, (c) 3335, Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY-10306
Off (India) - 205, Morya Palace, 5/1, Diamond Colony, New Palasia, Indore-452001
Electronic mails for general correspondence, Indian assignments and BPO for assignments in USA, BPO or direct contact with Mr. Anand Ahuja

US Indo Legal Services
A joint venture law firm promoted by Anand Ahuja Associates, New York, USA and Ram Kishan Associates, Indore, India

Phones- Off (USA) -718-850-1952, 718-668-1258, 212-859-3538
  Phones- Off (India) -91-731-3103689, 91-731-3090201, 91-731-5049358

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